China Glaze Pelican Gray

Every once in a while, you come across a polish that surprises you. China Glaze Pelican Gray from the 2011 Anchors Away collection is one of those polishes for me.

I ordered it for a friend (we usually order together to save on shipping) and thought she was crazy for ordering a simple, boring grey polish. I was convinced it would look horrible on her (and me, we have about the same skintone). I think I actually asked her if she was sure she wanted this polish. But she needed it as an undie for a glitter polish, so I ordered it for  her.

As soon as it arrived on my doorstep, I was amazed by it! Did I think this polish was boring??? I couldn't believe it!

This might be "just a simple grey" but I think its absolutely gorgeous! It's the perfect shade of grey with a subtle silver shimmer. I didn't see the shimmer on any of the swatches on google (maybe I just looked at the wrong swatches), but that shimmer is what makes this polish on of my favorite China Glaze polishes. Yes... really... this is definitely in my top 10!
I normally tend to go for DarknTwisty colors, bright colors, in your face glitters, etc. but this is a hidden treasure in my book.

I don't understand why nobody is talking about this beauty! I think it deserves a lot more attention and if you don't own it, go and get it!
2 coats, no topcoat

The formula of this polish is absolutely perfect. I expected it to be on the sheer side, because of the light color and was ready for at least 3 coats, but was pleasantly surprised. 2 coats and it's completely opaque. No streaking, no patchiness (is that a word?), no flooding of my cuticles, nothing! Just a joy to paint on my nails. It dries really fast and the finish is super shiny! 

So shiny!!!
In all of these pictures, I'm wearing just 2 coats, without top coat! I normally always add a topcoat, to prolong my manicure, but since I took these pictures before adding a glitter polish (post will be up later today, so stay tuned!), I didn't finish with SV. And to be honest, It doesn't need SV to get the shine I like. It does that all on its own.

I've worn this polish so much since buying it, I've already used a good 1/3 of my bottle. I will definitely repurchase!
This also happens to be my mothers favorite polish. I painted it on her toes on holiday and she still didn't take it of (she's been back for 7 weeks, lol)

Have you ever been totally surprised in a good way by a polish that you were sure you wouldn't like?