Freeman Body Salt Scrub Guava

I love a good scrub, especially for my legs before shaving. It just gives me a closer shave and I don't have to get out the stinking razer everyday. I hate shaving my legs, but I hate having stubbly legs even more!

A while ago, I ran out of the body scrub I was using and decided I wanted to try a new one. I went to the shop and picked up the Freeman Body Salt Scrub Guava.

I was looking for a full body scrub that would leave my legs extremely smooth, so I wanted a salt scrub or a sugar scrub. As a sugar scrub tends to melt on me earlier, I opted for a salt scrub.

I expected it to be coarse and I even like that for my legs,  but this is beyond coarse! I don't mind a big grain in a scrub, because that is what usually works best on my legs, but this scrub actually hurts my legs when I use it. My legs usually get red after use and shaving is not an option, because I don't want to irritate my skin more than this scrub already does.

The tube has a cap that flips open, but it's really hard to get the product out that way. I've found it easier to twist of the entire cap and squeeze it out that way.

The product doesn't melt as soon as it touches your skin or gets wet, which is a plus, but it also doesn't wash away in my shower. This makes the showerfloor extremely slippery, so be carefull when using this product!

The only thing I really like about this product is the smell... oh the smell is just heavenly! But I just don't want to hurt my legs every time I scrub them. I will finish the tube because I hate to waste product and it's not a bad product, but I definitely won't repurchase this product.



  1. You should give Rituals Sakura Scrub. It's kinda rough for the body, but works amazingly for the arms and legs. Especially if you'll use Magic Touch body cream after scrubbing. I really love it!
    There are also other smells, like Mei Dao (also lovely, Hamman, Orange and many more..

    1. Sounds good, might have to give that a go soon :D

  2. Oh...that's too bad that this scrub hurts! I mean, that can't be good, right?! I like Qtica's Sugar Scrub from I think it's actually for hands/feet, but I use it all over. :-)

  3. I had a quick peek at the site and those sugar scrubs look heavenly! Unfortunately they don't ship outside the US...