Rimmel Apocalips

A while ago, I saw the Rimmel Apocalips in my local drugstore. Well, actually, I first saw them months ago and I wanted one immediately, because of the vibrant colors. I saw a lot of people on Youtube rave about these lip lacquers and I they just looked stunning!

But because I just bought about 15 lip products I didn't actually need, I couldn't justify bying these.
A few weeks ago, I finally caved and pick up the Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang, a bright red.

These lip lacquers have exploded all over the internet and I have read some mixed reviews about them. Most people tend to love them, but I have read some horror stories about the lacquer transfering to teeth and bleeding excessively.

Rimmel advertises the Apocalips as being a perfect mix between a lipstick and an lipgloss and I have to agree. The formula is perfect, wet like a lipgloss when first applied, but they dry to a shiny, non stickey finish that reminds me more of a lipstick.

The applicator is a sponge tipped wand with a little well in the middle, perfect for picking up product to make application on the lips easy and fast.

And now for the dreaded lip swatches...

Please be gentle, you should have seen the ones I rejected, lol. Trying to take a picture of my lips while driving is NOT a good idea

This lip lacquer stains your lips, which I like, because it makes it last a good while on the lips. I have worn it during my workday and only had to touch it up once, after eating my lunch and wiping my mouth a few times on a napkin.

Big Bang feels really soft and comfortable on the lips, but I have 2 big issues with this lip lacquer. The first one is that it transfer. It literally goes everywere! I can't kiss my husband, drink something or eat anything without leaving a big, red mark.
The other thing is that it settles in the fine lines around my mouth, which is not very flattering. This last problem is easily fixed though, by using a lip pencil. 

I really like this lip lacquer, but I don't always want to put up with the transfer issue.

Do you own any of the Apocolips lip lacquers (or Show Off as they are called in the States) and what do you think?