China Glaze Draped in Velvet

Today I have one of my first nail polish loves for you. I ordered this in my second (I think) online nail polish order ever. I looked at swatches online and fell in love! In the bottle it's stunning and on my nails it's just as gorgeous!

China Glaze Draped in Velvet is a purple polish, with a blue undertone and a blue duo chrome flash to it. It's a fairly old polish, it's from the 2006 We Adorn You Collection, but it's still widely available.

In the shade

The formula is really good, 2 coats to get opaque and it glides on my nails. The dry time is fine, like most China Glaze polishes, but they tend to take a while to completely harden out, at least on my nails. If I don't add a top coat, I can count on having my bedlinnen imprinted in my nails, even if I paint my nails up to 8 hours before going to bed... Luckily, my trusty SV fixes this problem :D


2 coats, 1 coat SV. Pictures taken outside

I love this polish, but I'm wondering if there are two versions of this polish. A friend of mine has the exact same polish, but hers looks nothing like mine...
Her bottle looks simular, but on the nail it's more of a blue micro glitter or shimmer than the blue duo chrome flash visible on my nails. I will link her review (in Dutch) here when it's up on her blog.
I wonder who has the odd bottle out, if it's me, all I can say is Yippee!!!


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