Chanel Taboo

When I first saw a swatch of this polish, I was in total and utter love! It's just gorgeous! But I immedialtely thought there is no way I'm ever going to pay that much for a polish! I held on to that firm believe for a few weeks, untill a friend of mine (or my enabler, which ever you prefer) send me a picture of it again and I gave up. I just had to have it!

And who can blame me? Chanel Taboo is just a perfect polish! It's a deep red-toned eggplant purple with blue micro shimmer. It has been called Galaxy in a bottle by many a blogger and they are totally right!

I can't begin to explain how much I love this polish! The brush is nice and thin and picks up the perfect amount of polish, it glides on the nail and to top all this goodness off, this is a 1 coater! Jup, you read that right, 1 coat! (but as always, 2 is better)

1 coat
Of course I did do 2 coats and topcoat, but I just wanted to show you how opaque this polish is. I took about a million photo's, but I have managed to keep it to just 4 for you, lol.

2 coats Taboo, 1 coat SV
Seriously, can you blame me for going a little overboard with the photo's? I just can't get enough! Most of the time it looks deep purple, but when the light hits it, it transforms to gorgeous brownish red with a hint of purple and, when  you look at it in direct sunlight... oh my... the blue glitter comes out to play! 

I just couldn't stop staring at my nails when I caught my first blue glitter. (little bit of advise: don't stare at your polish while driving, I almost hit the car in front of me because I was staring at my nails, oops!)

Not the best picture, but can you see the blue glitter?
The only problem with this polish is that it makes me want to go out and buy more Chanel polishes. I can  hear my wallet crying already... But really, I have a phonecover with Chanel Malice on it, but don't actually own that polish. That's just not right...

Do you own any Chanel polishes?



  1. Wow, your pictures really show how beautiful the polish really is.

    1. Thanks so much! I took about 80 pictures, it's just so gorgeous and different in every light!


  2. that is some gorgeous vampy-ness FOR SURE!! I have a handful of Chanel polishes (Black Pearl is in my top 3 faves), but that stuff chips on me the same day as applying it! Don't ya hate it when that happens?!

    1. Really? It lasted for 5 days on my nails without chipping or major tipwear...
      But I'm lucky, according to my friends my nails are made of glue, lol.