Mani Monday: Neon

This weeks Mani Monday theme is Favorite Neon. Yes, please! I love neon polish, I have a lot of them and wear them very often. So you can imaging it was not an easy thing to do, pick my favorite for this Mani Monday. That's wy I decided to do 2 :D

One of my favorite neons (and favorite polishes ever) is China Glaze Surfin' for Boys.

Surfin' is an orange pink coral. It's a tough one to describe, but it's just gorgeous! What makes this polish really pretty, is the pink shimmer in it. Like most neon polishes, this dries to a matte finish and I actually like it like that. But usually I do add a topcoat to make my mani last longer.

The dry time is very fast and the formula is just perfect! 2 coats to get opaque and no white undie neaded. I absolutely love everything about this polish!

2 coats Surfin', no topcoat
The other polish is Spoiled by Wet 'n Wild Did I dye it to blonde? I can't actually buy Spoiled here, but I picked a few up on holiday last year. This is a highligthter yellow neon polish.

This polish is extremely sheer, I have worn it on it's own, but after 6 coats and still nowhere near opaque, I gave up. Over white it takes 2 coats to get opaque.

2 coats white, 2 coats Blonde, no topcoat

The consistency of this polish was on the thin side, you do need to be carefull not to flood your cuticles. It dries fast and glossy and I just love the finish. The only thing about this polish (and all Spoiled polishes I own) is the brush... It's insanely wide! If you have narrow nails, this will definitely give you problems!
But just look at that color! In real life, it's much brighter, both are much much brighter. I love them!

What's your favorite neon polish?



  1. Great colours, so them. Tehehe 'white undie' <--- giggles!!

  2. Hihi, I know, white base would have been better, but I just love to say white undie :D

  3. Love, love, love this combo!!