Nail art: big fat failure

For this weeks Mani Monday I had a great idea using OPI Solitaire, Essie Hip-Anema and striping tape. I tried it on my nail wheel and it looked stunning!

Gorgeous right!?!
So I decided to try it on my nails.

I cleaned my nails, put on base coat, painted a layer of Hip-Anema and then the trouble started...
The stupid striping tape just didn't want to do wat I wanted it to do!

It stuck everywhere, except on my nails! It took me a good half an hour to get 6 little pieces on 2 nails I'm ashamed to admit.

But, in the end, I won!!!
Hip-Anema on my nails, check!
Striping tape where I wanted it, check!

I did a little dance of joy to celebrate my victory and grabbed Solitaire. I painted one thin layer, but that wasn't enough. Hip-Anema was showing through to much, it kinda looked like OPI Pussy Galore.
OPI Pussy Galore (picture made by a friend of mine, I don't own this polish)
So I painted a second thin layer of Solitaire and now it was perfect. I let the polish dry for about 2 - 3 minutes and removed the striping tape.

BIG mistake! The tape tried to steal my beautiful Solitaire!
This resulted in blurred edges instead of sharp edges. As a friend of mine put it: "What did you use as a top layer? Whipped cream?" I huffed and I puffed after this insult of my gorgeous nail art, but I have to admit... she was totally right! It does remind me a lot of whipped cream :D

So after all that, I admitted defeat and painted my nails with a different mani, click here to see it.

Solitair, Hip-Anema and striping tape: 1
DarknTwistyNails: 0

What was your worst nail art experience?



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