Girly Bits Rogue

When Girly Bits mentioned on her Facebook page that she had to discontinue a few polishes to make room for new ones, I immediately replied NOT ROGUE!!!
I love that polish! I just haven't been wearing it a lot lately, but after that scare, I decided to put it on my nails asap.

Girly Bits Rogue is a red jelly base with pink and violet micro glitter and red mini bar glitter. I normally don't like bar glitter, but in Rogue, they are so tiny, you hardly notice it's bar glitter. The formula is perfect, it glides on the nail. It dries fast, but a little matte. This is easily fixed with a coat of top coat.

I love the depth the violet and pink glitter gives this polish, it sparkles like no other on the nail and it's a real eye catcher. This polish does tend to thicken a little after time, but a good roll between my palms usually fixes this problem and if that doesn't do the trick, a couple of drops of thinner and the problem is gone.

Look at that violet glitter!
You can get this polish opaque on its own in about 3 coats, but I usually like to give it a head start by painting 1 coat of Misa Girl Friday as a base. (I'll post a review of this polish later.)

1 coat GF, 2 coats Rogue, 1 coat SV

Girly Bits is available on Etsy and LLarowe. Rogue is actually available at the moment, so I'd suggest you grab it while you can!