Essence long lasting lipstick

No polish today, I have something different for you. A couple of days ago, I did a little shopping and I spotted the new Essence collection. I am a sucker for lipsticks and when I saw and swatches the new Essence long lasting lipstick, I was impressed.

I decided to try them out and picked up 3 of the 10 available colors.

Wear Berries, On the Catwalk and Dare to wear
The packaging is very nice, the lipstick comes in a matte black tube, with a color ring in the middle that actually comes very close to the lipstick color. It has the logo on the cap and on the lipstick. I think it looks very classy and modern, I love this new packaging.

The lipstick feels very creamy and glides on my lips. It doesn't dry out my lips and last for about 3 hours. You do need to touch up the color after that and when you have a drink or eat something, the lipstick dissappears.

Wear Berries, On the Catwalk and Dare to Wear
I love all 3 colors, but my favorite is the one I picked up because it's a color I don't own yet, Wear Berries. I thought it wouldn't look great on me, but I actually really love it.

Wear Berries, On the Catwalk and Dare to Wear
Wear Berries is not actually a berry color, but it's a gorgeous midtoned purple with a cool undertone. I love it in the tube, but thought I wouldn't like it on me, but since I don't own a color like this, I thought I give it a go. I actually really love it and have worn it several times allready.

On the Catwalk is a muted pink color, with a hint of taupe. A perfect fall color. It showes up a little more pink on my lips than it looks in the tube.

Dare to Wear is a bright red with blue undertones in the tube, a nice cool color. On my lips and on my swatch, it looks a lot more pink. I think it's a shame it's more pink on me, but I still really love it on my lips and it's still obviously red. 

Overall, I'm really impressed with these lipsticks. I like the packaging, how they feel and wear on my lips and I love the large color range. With 10 colors to choose from, there is a color for everybody. 

But the best thing about these lipsticks is the price. They are available for only € 2.89!
I am actually thinking of picking up a couple of more colors.

Do you own any of these gorgeous lipsticks?



  1. OH! Those are so pretty!! I especially love the berry one! I've never seen these at my Ulta, which is the only place that I know of that sells essence. I will keep my eyes open for them, though. Thanks for the info and review!

    1. If you can find them, you should definitely try them!