CrowsToes Bone Daddy

Today I felt like glitter, a chunky glitter, but not one that screams LOOK AT ME!!! on my nails. So I looked through my stash and this little gem caught my eye.
I had this on my wishlist for quite some time, but it was constantly sold out at Llarowe.

Luckily I have great friends who now my taste in polish and my wishlist very well and I received this beauty as a birthday present :D

CrowsToes Bone Daddy is a milky grey jelly base packed to the rafters with white glitter. And when I say packed, I mean PACKED! Large  and small hex glitter, bar glitter and medium and small round glitter.To top all this goodness off, this polish also contains an absolutely gorgeous micro irridescent blue glitter.

Am I the only one who loves these kind of naughty polish names? They always make me laugh! Bone Daddy sounds like a line in an adult movie... I have it next to Daddy's Little Girl in my stash and would love to have Glittoris, Pussy Galore and After Sex next to it :D
Oh... the dialoog of one of those movies one could write with just the names of nail polish... lol... anyway, getting back to Bone Daddy...

This picture showes yellow, but irl it's not in the bottle... no idea where that came from...
You could get this opaque on its own in 3 - 4 coats, but I think it's just to packed with glitter for that many coats. I love this polish over China Glaze Pelican Grey.

2 coats Pelican, 1 coat Bone Daddy, 1 coat SV
The formula is really good for a chunky glitter, but you do need to work a little at placing the large glitter where you want them. Because it's so jam-packed with glitter, it's not hard to get them out of the bottle, but it's a little tricky not to get to many on your  nail. Now that is a problem I can deal with :D In the pictures I'm wearing just 1 coat.

The dry time is excellent and it dries glossy, but to het it to really shine, I would recommend adding a topcoat. This will also smooth it out. I think just 1 coat is enough, but if you want a really smooth finish, you might want to add a second coat.

I love the fact that this is a incredibly loud chunky glitter, but it doesn't scream at you, if that makes scence. Overall a definite must have in any collection and it's currently available on Llarowe!



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